Pesquera Natalia is a Peruvian company, dedicated to the fishing of this marine species, the first has five boats (Natalie, Bujama, Olleros, SK4 and SK5) and the second has two (Dania 1 and ITJ3) that travel the sea in the equatorial zone, in search of anchovies. These boats have conditioned warehouses that guarantee the delivery of fresh fish. The implementation of the requirements for compliance with Good Handling and Preservation Practices on Board, as well as Operational Procedures and Sanitation Standards in our vessels, allows us to guarantee a quality and safe anchoveta for indirect human consumption. Naviera Natalia is dedicated to providing logistics support services for off shore operations of the national and international oil industry, port sector and any maritime operation that requires specialized ships. Currently, it has a fleet made up of supply vessels, crew boats, tugboats, support for diving operations, maritime rescue, exploration and seismic. It offers dry and liquid cargo transportation services (oil and water), personnel transportation, lifting anchors and funds, support for diving activities, towing of all types of vessels in the field, maritime rescue operations, marine seismic support and services maritime in ports.

We are #MIGIVAPride