Pruning time with a lot of passion!

May 25, 2023

With great satisfaction we began the pruning season in our grape crop on the California (Pisco) and Carrizales (Ica) estates. We are proud to have in this campaign the true “pruning cracks”, those highly trained collaborators who stand out in their work and show an unmatched passion for their work.

We started the activity with a talk given by our Occupational Health and Safety team (SSOMA), who addressed the necessary safety measures for the use and handling of scissors, as well as the correct use and maintenance of personal protective equipment ( EPPS). Under the motto “Safety is in your hands”, we educate our employees about the importance of caring for their hands, thus reaffirming our commitment to health and safety, and promoting accident prevention through the creation of safe environments.

Our “cracks of pruning” are a source of pride for us. They are exceptional collaborators, highly trained and committed to their work. Their experience and knowledge allow us to promote the healthy growth of our plants and guarantee optimal production. Using advanced techniques, these pruning specialists precisely identify the branches that need to be removed and those that need to be kept. Thus, we encourage the development of a strong and vigorous plant structure to subsequently harvest high-quality fruit.

At AgroMIGIVA, we know that having a top-level team is essential to achieve exceptional results. Our pruning experts are committed to excellence and work to provide the highest quality in each of our crops.

We look forward to bringing you high quality products and together we will achieve great success this pruning season. Stay tuned for our progress, because the best is yet to come!

With passion and determination, we produce the best fruit in the world. Proud of the way we do it!


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