Sep 12, 2023

We rewarded and recognized the talented pruners who play an essential role in the production of the highest quality grapes, this time at Fundo California, in Pisco.

This event was presented as a valuable opportunity to express our deep gratitude to our “Pruning Crackers”, who were carefully selected based on their skill, passion and consistency in the performance of their tasks.

Throughout the entire season, our trimmers were trained and supervised, ensuring their techniques remained aligned with industry best practices.

Closing grape pruning is a crucial step in the crop cycle, as it prepares the grapes for the next growth cycle. This stage is essential to guarantee our quality of our fruit and the yield of the future harvest.

At this ceremony, we also had the presence of the farm managers, who highlighted the extraordinary work that these professionals have carried out. “Their skill and dedication are the pillars that ensure the exceptional quality of our grapes. Without their commitment, it would be impossible to achieve the standards of excellence that distinguish us,” said Lennin, field manager.

Thanks to your commitment and enthusiasm we managed to successfully achieve this season’s objectives, we are proud of the way we did it.


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