Award for the Best Blueberry Harvesters in Ica

Nov 10, 2023

Last Saturday, November 4, we carried out with great enthusiasm the monthly awards of the best blueberry harvesters at the Ica headquarters, where we reaffirmed our commitment to the talent and dedication of our work team, recognizing their work and performance. exceptional that makes a difference in the blueberry harvest.

In an emotional ceremony we recognized the 10 best blueberry harvesters so far this campaign. With an arduous selection process based on productivity, quality of work and perseverance, these winners stood out for their dedication and outstanding effort.

At AgroMIGIVA, we will continue to promote the development and well-being of our work team, fostering a work environment conducive to their professional growth. Reaffirming that, with passion for excellence, we manage to produce the best fruit in the world.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all those who contribute to the success of the harvest every day!


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